Custom Website Design

When creating a custom website, you are the owner of the custom website we create for you.


• Hosting free for three months and $29/month thereafter.
• SSL Encrypted HIPAA Hosting • Free Domain Registration & Renewal
• A free year listing in our Directory For Therapists App
• Blog functionality (articles are not included, you must write them)
• Counselor Developed Content
• Unlimited Intake Form PDF Storage
• Mobile Ready
• Google Map
• Social Media Integration


  1. The client provides the general direction, in some cases you have an existing website you want to update.
  2. The client indicates what they like such as the current art element such as the icon and text.
  3. The client indicates what they don’t like such as the font, font color, etc.
  4. The client indicates what other examples they prefer, for instance another website entirely.
  5. Our designer presents three ideas based on the direction.
  6. The client chooses one of the ideas.
  7. The final chosen idea can be modified once i.e. “make the font smaller and make the font color blue instead of green, change the photos on the home page, etc.”.
  8. Our developer builds a beta version.
  9. The client has the opportunity to make changes to the beta version two times.
  10. Our developer completes the production version and takes it live upon client approval.
  11. The client may make minor changes after launch of the production version once and is limited to thirty days post launch.
  12. After launch, you will have full editor access to make changes on your own anytime you wish


Our custom websites are $2,500.00

A 50% deposit is due at the beginning of custom build.
A 25% payment is required at the beta launch.
The final payment is due at the live production launch.

If you the client ever wants to take their custom site design to another hosting provider, you would have you new hosting company move the site to their platform.

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